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Causes Of Poor Signal

There are many different factors that can contribute to poor cellular signal reception. If you are experiencing low levels of signal it is most likely due to one or a combination of the following inhibitors: insulation, building materials, distance and/or shadowing. You can read more about these inhibitors here.

How Our Repeater Systems Work

Through high gain antennas placed on roof space or other available areas we are able to grab even the faintest of outside signals that weaken significantly when entering a building. This is done by directing our antennas towards local network provider towers. After the external signal is captured it is sent towards our repeater system via Low-Loss Coax cable. The signal entering the repeater system receives an amplification and then rebroadcasts the signal throughout the desired internal area.

In order to ensure that coverage is found throughout the entire building we are able to connect indoor antennas to the repeater via a cable and splitter system. Strategically placed omni antennas are installed through out building to distribute the signal equally to all desired areas.

Wireless Coverage Solutions team of engineers will provide its customers with seamless, reliable, and cost-effective in-building wireless solutions meeting carrier performance requirements. Our systems offer superior RF performance and are able to support all major wireless frequencies and protocols including 3G and 4G. No matter what the application, large or small, we are happy to provide each of our customers with the best solution available.

Types of Applications

Wireless Coverage Solutions has provided its services to many various businesses both in the U.S. and overseas. The types of buildings we can provide solutions for range from large homes to 15 story business parks and a variety of other types of buildings. Our engineers have proven experience in a wide array of industry installations and are able to customize solutions for any application. Below are a few of the types of structures that frequently report poor reception for whom we can provide reception aid:


Cellular signal coverage is no longer just a luxury; it is now a necessity in the business world. Receiving inadequate signal can affect all aspects of business from sales to customer support, to influencing entire business productivity. Communication with customers and employees is imperative to the daily functioning of any good business. Our system could be the difference between you landing that big account or loosing it to your competitor that was able to complete the deal.

Leasing office buildings or office space to large companies is a lucrative business but if you are not able to provide adequate cell phone reception. Companies will look elsewhere to rent office space or will not re up on the contract if you are not able to provide them the capabilities to use their cellular devices. Don’t let this simple problem be the reason for unrented square footage.

When wireless signals are weak and undependable, business suffers. Clients should be able to connect with your employees and your employees should be able to be reached throughout your building with no interruptions. Employees should be doing work on the go to make your business grow. Keep them connected with a repeater system from Wireless Coverage Solutions.


Often when moving into the home of your dreams becomes a nightmare for cell reception, we are able to provide a cost efficient solution to make sure you stay connected with the rest of the world. With our repeater system we are able to provide coverage throughout the home in a non-obtrusive installation without causing any damage to the aesthetics of the home.

In todays world of technology many are able to work from home but not if they are not able to receive and make calls from wherever they call their home office. To make sure they are able to keep up with contacts and customers a repeater system can provide that reliable signal connectivity.

Living out in rural areas can be a sanctuary for relaxation and slow paced living but even in these areas cell phone signal is imperative. Landlines can be very costly especially with long distance. Many are dropping the landline in favor of inexpensive wireless plans. The savings from dropping that landline and adding a repeater can pay for itself in just months.

Medical Facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are among the leaders in advancements in technology, but do to building materials and rural locations these facilities are unable to function at full capacity and maximize efficiency. We are able to provide coverage to all areas of hospital buildings without interfering with the medical equipment that is so essential in these facilities. Communication and other mobile applications are vital to the employees and the customers in this critical environment.

Doctor’s, Nurses and Staff are no longer using pagers but using cell phones to be contacted and if they are unable received messages then patient care and productivity is negatively affected. When seconds matter then you should have every possible means of communication be at your disposal. Not having cellular reception would be negligent in a facility where having information as quickly as possible is at such a premium.

In a growing healthcare market, communication is as critical as it has ever been. Implementing a reliable cellular repeater system will help your faculty patients and visitors stay connected within your facility.


In this fast paced industry, cellular availability has become a key element integral to productivity and the bottom line. Many times, manufacturing facilities suffer greatly from poor reception due to interference caused by the tools and machinery of the trade. Metal structures, complicated facility layouts and impenetrable building materials may be essential to manufacturing plants, but can severely weaken signals and reception.

We can't always wait on the guy who has the information you need to get to you in a timely matter when you can't get a hold of them. Nothing is more frustrating in the shop when you don't have signal and production slows down.

Safety; Another major concern in places where heavy machinery and harsh chemicals are being used. In emergencies, being connected to the local responders could be crucial for employee safety making sure help is just a phone call away. In larger facilities, we cant always fall back on radio contact when an accident happens or some type of disaster occurs.

Using repeater systems in these facilities benefit both efficiency and production. Stay safe and stay connected.

Entertainment and Hospitality

Guests and patrons of facilities such as hotels and casinos anticipate that, even away from home, they will have access to the communication they have become accustomed to in their daily lives. It is important for these facilities to provide these amenities in order to ensure satisfaction for their visitors. Providing reliable and extensive coverage throughout grounds that support a variety of wireless providers can make certain that guests' needs are being met throughout their stay.

Many travel for work and keeping these customers connected could be the difference between guest returning to your venue or choosing another when they are in the area again. Guests will get frustrated when they are trying to make a call or log on to they're bank account and will not forget how bad the signal was; therefore choosing the venue down the street with the signal and comfort of knowing he didn't miss a call, text or email.

Educational Facilities

Today's educational facilities have become larger and more expansive over time. Often spreading out over large campuses made up of multiple buildings, including lecture halls, laboratories, dining halls, and dormitories- the ability to connect has become more crucial than ever.

Students and faculty alike depend on wireless coverage more than ever to stay technologically connected for information, comfort, and safety. Books are bought paperless online and your next class assignment is just a few clicks away with cellular signal.

The growing need for an emergency call has come to the attention for students, faculty members and worried parents that want the insurance and comfort of knowing their sons and daughters are safe. Knowing that there is signal where we spend our time daily can let us feel at ease.

We are able to provide state of the art coverage needed for campuses- large or small. Stay connected and let us help with your poor signal.

Apartments and Leases

Apartment complexes have one the highest demands for cellular signal, being that landlines are nearly extinct especially for the younger renting generation. Having the comfort using your cell phone for calls and texts or your mobile hot-spot for internet connection is always a selling point for leasing or buying an apartment. Without signal, you may feel trapped in your own living space. You may dread having to go to the one spot downstairs, outside and around the corner to make that call or text. Even the parking garage you drive in may cut off your call you made on your way home or miss that call you were expecting.

New complexes are being built and may have the perfect location to live but leave you without signal due to the structured walls making the signal impossible to travel to your apartment. Most people do not want to pay for a landline and internet service when you already have it with your cellular network contract. This is an extra expense to your already high cost of living in that perfect downtown apartment.

Safety is a big concern when you don't have the signal you need. Not being able to get help when you need it in emergency situations can be the difference of life or death.

Whether you have an old complex or building a new one, owners and investors should consider cellular signal being a huge factor of signing long time leases and tenants renewing their current lease. Not only will it change the minds of a potential leaser/buyer, it will hinder the price. More and more apartment builders are taking this into consideration as the demands for signal increase and stay on top of the competition by providing a cellular solution. Put value into your building and have an advantage to the surrounding competition by providing perfect cellular reception to your current or future residents by calling Wireless Coverage Solutions today.

Price Match Guarantee/ Warranty/ Leasing Opportunities

Wireless Coverage Solutions manufactures its own goods and also provides installation services direct from our company. Because of this we are able to save costs by cutting out distributors and installation companies. We guarantee that we can beat any competitor's price of equipment and installation on any comparable application, often by as much as 10%-20%.

Also with our superior quality of equipment we are able to offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, which comes standard on all repeaters, with Extended warranties available for purchase at a very reasonable price. WCS also offers leasing options for our larger commercial projects. Please ask one of our representatives for more information about this service if you are interested.

Contact one of our representatives today and take the first step towards improving your mobile coverage.