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Cellular Coverage

Poor cell phone signal is an all too common problem for homes and businesses alike. Despite the best efforts on the part of the cellular networks, dropped calls and bad reception trouble millions of cell phone users across the globe. Cellular signal coverage is no longer just a luxury; it is now a necessity in the advanced technological world with many homes dropping those costly landlines in favor of using less expensive cellular plans. Receiving inadequate signal can affect all aspects of business from sales to customer support, to influencing entire business productivity. Wireless Coverage Solution has the system to keep your company running on the cutting edge of technology.

What Causes Signal Loss?

There are many different factors that can contribute to poor cellular signal reception. Some of the main causes of reduced reception and coverage are listed below:

Insulation: Due to the rise in concern for energy efficiency in buildings, advances have been made to insulate structures from the outside environment. While this is a positive improvement for keeping energy cost down it is the most common cause for poor reception reported by our customers.

Building Materials: An increasingly common problem is the construction and materials used for new buildings. Thick concrete and steel wreak havoc on mobile signals. Many commercial buildings are clad with steel or aluminum sheets. When a building becomes clad it can cause an electrical ground, which in physics is referred to as a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage is a barrier to all radio signals.

Additionally, UV reflective glazing is becoming standard in many buildings and new homes. While a cell phone user may have full coverage outside the window, moving to the inside will bring about little to no reception.

Shadowing/Distance: Weak signals outside are reduced even further inside buildings. Shadowing is the result of larger buildings or other objects blocking the signal from the local tower. This is seen very often in urban areas where towers are mostly at rooftop level and are not able to broadcast signal to lower level building. Rural locations or areas that are at a distance from local network providers Towers will often have trouble with weak and intermittent signals. Some providers just aren’t able to provide enough towers to these areas because it does not make sense financially to spend millions on new towers in low density populated area. Repeaters are able to fill the gap of the needs of these customers and we are often contacted by the providers to help in these cases.

What Separates Wireless Coverage Solutions from its competitors?

Wireless Coverage Solutions understands that there are many websites offering solutions to improve wireless coverage. However, most of our competitors offer distribution of other companies’ products and do not produce their own items. Wireless Coverage Solutions stands apart from the competitors by overseeing all aspects our products from manufacturing and customer support to engineering and installation. Choosing Wireless Coverage Solutions is a simple option due to our commitment to our customers and the following:

  • Manufacturing and development of all products
  • Initial customer response in US based offices
  • Response to all inquiries within 24 hours
  • Free survey done via telephone or email
  • Site surveys carried out by our engineering team (if necessary)
  • Providing complete proposal with cost included for equipment and installation
  • Installation and calibration of equipment by team of engineers
  • Performing maintenance of equipment as needed
  • Making an Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty available

Wireless Coverage Solutions specializes in cellular signal improvement. We do not sell other electronic products, so our knowledge, support and development is focused on signal enhancement products. We have 10+ years of hands on experience with installation and planning, satisfying customers not only here in the US, but internationally as well including major presence in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia. With new offices in South Africa and Israel, we are truly a factor in the Global Cellular Environment. Our international presence gives an advantage to better understand how to keep a step up in the improvements of advancing technology and helping the world with its every day needs of signal improvement.

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